In light of COVID-19, we have updated our policies. Please click here to learn more.

We will be closed Monday, September 7th in observance of Labor Day.

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Open Mon-Fri: 7am – 7pm, Sat: 8AM-1PM


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We will be closed Monday, September 7th in observance of Labor Day.

COVID-19 Updates

On May 7, 2020, the Maryland State Board of Veterinary Medicine released an update on its recommendations and guidelines for veterinary practices regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Their guidelines include continuing any protocols set forth by the CDC and adhering to all Executive Orders which have been set forth to ensure the safety of the staff and clients. This means that we will continue cleaning, disinfecting, wearing PPE and requesting clients to wear masks in addition to practicing social distancing.

One of our practices for promoting safe interactions between our clients and staff has been the provision of curbside service, which at this point we will continue to utilize. After arriving for your appointment and checking in, we ask that when we are ready to bring your pet in for their appointment you meet the staff member on the sidewalk in front of your vehicle while donning a mask and maintaining a safe six feet distance from each other. We are going to also continue to limit access into the hospital so that we may keep our staff members safe. This may feel like an inconvenience to some, but it is in the best interest of everyone that we continue the protocols we have implemented since the beginning of the pandemic.

Some of the restrictions that the Board had placed upon veterinary practices have been eased, but since this is a very fluid time right now there will be gradual changes. As always, safety is the priority of the CDC, the State government, the Veterinary Board and for us at Hickory Veterinary Hospital, Kennels and Pet Supply Store. We are continually monitoring the situation and will do our best to update everyone as changes arise.

Routine grooming is now permitted in Maryland, and we are currently working on scheduling appointments for those of you who were on the waitlist. Our groomer is booked through the middle of June so there may be a slight delay as we work to reschedule your pet.

Now that restrictions have eased up somewhat, we are able to see some of the appointments and perform some of the surgeries that had been postponed due to the pandemic. We ask that when you call you verify what type of appointment you are trying to make so that we may schedule your pet appropriately.

If you have any type of respiratory infection, have a fever or otherwise are unwell or if someone in your household has any of the aforementioned symptoms, we ask that you reschedule your appointment. We thank all of you for your cooperation and understanding during these difficult times and we hope you all continue to stay safe and healthy.


The Doctors and Staff of Hickory Veterinary Hospital, Hickory Kennels, and Hickory Pet Food and Supplies