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Every year many pets are lost and don’t find their way home. Microchipping is a permanent, inexpensive way to give your pet a ticket home if they’re lost.

The microchip itself is about the size of a grain of rice and is injected under the skin between the shoulder blades with a hypodermic-type syringe. Although the needle itself is larger than those used for vaccinations, most pets don’t seem to notice any more than any other injection.

Once the chip is in place, it should be there for the life of the pet, and we will register your microchip to ensure your contact information is associated with the bar code number. It’s important that if your contact information changes that you update the chip manufacturer so they can reach you.

If your pet becomes lost, all animal care facilities (shelters, veterinary hospitals, animal control, etc.) will scan the pet for a microchip, using a special microchip reader that is simply waved over the skin. The pet owner is then called and given the contact information about where to pick up their pet.

Have questions about microchipping or want to get your pet “chipped”? Make an appointment online or call us at 443-371-9046 ext. 2.