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We will be closed Monday, September 7th in observance of Labor Day.

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Open Mon-Fri: 7am – 7pm, Sat: 8AM-1PM


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We will be closed Monday, September 7th in observance of Labor Day.



The right nutrition can enhance your pet’s health and extend the life of your companion, which is why Hickory Veterinary Hospital veterinarians are always concerned about what your pet eats. A well-balanced nutritional program can reduce or eliminate episodes of:

  • Pet allergies
  • Itching and scratching
  • Dull coat
  • Arthritis
  • Joint and hip problems
  • Bad breath

Nutritional supplements can also help give your pet additional ammunition against disease and promote longevity. We can recommend numerous nutritional supplements to help treat and/or prevent arthritis, joint problems, skin and coat ailments, as well as intestinal disorders. Senior pets especially benefit from arthritis and joint supplements.

Supplements are also a great way to keep your pet’s skin and coat looking its best. Spend time brushing and massaging your pet. This will enable you to detect changes in their coat, hot spots, unusual growths or subcutaneous tumors as well as look for changes in behavior or motion.

Finally, good nutrition—along with exercise and activity—can help your pet battle weight gain, which is an increasing problem for American pets. Excess weight puts a pet at ris,  for the same health problems as overweight people, such as heart disease, cancer, arthritis and more.

Have questions about your pet’s nutrition or want to schedule a nutritional consultation? Call us at (410) 838-7797 ext. 2.